Verzola, Roberto S.; Logarta, Jose D.; Maniego, Pedro H.

Towards a just transition in the Philippine electricity sector

Challenges and opportunities
Pasig, 2018

Download publication (3,3 MB PDF-File)

Hega, Mylene D.; Alporha, Veronica C.; Evangelista, Meggan S.

Feminism and the womens' movement in the Philippines

Struggles, advances, and challenges
Pasig, 2018

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Getting theRE

Getting through the humps and red lights that hinder the advance of green energy
Pasig, 2017

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Verzola, Roberto S.

Crossing over

The energy transition to renewable electricity
Pasig, 2017

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Pertierra, Raul

The new media, society & politics in the Philippines

Singapur, 2012

Download publication (270 KB, PDF-File)

Asian media barometer

a locally based analysis of the media landscape in Asia : the Philippines 2011
Berlin, 2011

Download publication (1,5 MB PDF-File)

Reforming the Philippine political party system

ideas and initiatives, debates and dynamics
Manila, 2009, 2010

Download publication (760 KB, PDF-File)

From revolutionary to governing party

adjusting political programs, keeping values ; selected programs of German social democracy
Manila, 2009, 2010

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Aganon, Marie E.; Serrano, Melisa R.; Certeza, Ramon A.

Union revitalization and social movement unionism in the Philippines

a handbook
Manila, 2009, 2010

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Building social ASEAN

towards a caring and sharing community
Manila, 2010

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