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Renewable Energy Bootcamp (REBOOT)

Being the fifth most climate-vulnerable country in the world, the Philippines is familiar with the intensifying effects of climate change. The more frequent occurrence of extreme weather events has brought massive economic losses in the area where those disasters struck. At the same time, energy supply in the Philippines, mainly converted from imported coal, is way below current energy demand. This dire situation makes energy production from coal and nuclear sources tempting.

The dilemma between ramping up energy production and fulfilling obligations for climate action can be reconciled by transitioning towards the use of renewable energy (RE) across the country. Reaching the goal of 100% clean energy has its own challenges, however. The process of energy transition must lead towards more equitable access to energy. Marginalized groups who might be adversely affected by the transition should be assisted. Appropriate systems and technologies must be put in place.

A strong network of young, proactive, and technically-capable leaders is needed to address all these challenges toward the full transition to renewable energy. These renewable energy ambassadors shall be key agents who will facilitate mindset and process shifts within industry, government, academe, and civil society, with the objective of removing the different obstacles towards the energy transition.

The REBOOT Program

The Renewable Energy Boot Camp (REBOOT) is a training program for young, proactive, and technically-capable Renewable Energy Ambassadors who will facilitate mindset, process, and technology shifts towards a just, democratic, and fully-renewable energy transition in the Philippines.

REBOOT aims to train young RE Ambassadors to:

  • Develop knowledge and skills on renewable energy;
  • Widen perspectives on social reality;
  • Improve capacity to develop projects that respond to energy issues;
  • Provide technical applications of RE skills and knowledge to social needs;
  • Create a network of active young RE ambassadors who are working with communities in establishing RE programs.

REBOOT is composed of three key parts: a series of six workshop clusters where trainees will gain concepts and tools to understand the energy sector; immersions in partner communities to help trainees comprehend social realities; and project development collaborations with development organizations.

The workshop clusters will consist of six four-day programs, spaced in a span of fourteen months. The clusters will feature discussions on social, political, economic, and environmental issues that affect the energy sector. Different renewable energy technologies will also be discussed. Participants will be taught tools for socioeconomic analysis to help them understand realities on the ground. Communication, leadership, and project management skills will also be imparted.

Two of the six workshop clusters will be allotted for immersions in partner communities. In these immersions, the participants will be given time to live in their respective communities, experience local realities through the eyes of the residents themselves, and dream up renewable energy projects that can help address the issues that they observed.

The participants will then work on project development collaborations with partner development organizations who have done prior work in the immersion communities, with the aim of developing an actual project that will be implemented in the community. Participants will be expected to conceptualize and then develop a workable renewable energy project for their respective communities with the guidance and ample input from their partner organizations.

Participants shall present proposals for communitybased renewable energy projects to their respective partner organizations. Their partner organization must adopt the project proposal for a participant to finish the program.

Attendance will be required for all clusters.

For any queries or clarifications, please contact us at reboot(at)fes-philippines.org.

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